Musician - Worship


Provides live musical accompaniment to facilitate the congregational worship of God through songs


  • Christian
  • Proficient in playing the piano/keyboard, acoustic/electic/bass guitar and/or drums, in a band. If you play other instruments (e.g. violin, trumpet) please feel free to apply as well
  • Has been regularly attending Covenant Group (CG) for at least 6 months
  • Faithful, available and teachable

Note: After you have applied, we will send you a more detailed form and inform you of the next audition date. We may take some time to get back to you as we conduct a limited number of auditions each year.


  • One weekend every 3-4 weeks (comprising 3 hours for Saturday rehearsal and 5 hours for Sunday services)
  • Personal preparation and practice over the week
  • Minimum 2 years

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