Worship Team - TNG Upper & Lower Primary


  • Part of a team that works towards building a cross-generational ministry in an intentional disciplemaking church
  • Supports the worship of God through songs by playing the following instruments: 
    • Piano/ keyboard
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Electric Guitar
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Percussion


  • Christian who is regularly attending Covenant EFC worship service
  • Believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and final authority for all Christian faith and life
  • Has a regular devotional time with God
  • Preferably attending a Covenant Group (CG)
  • A heart and calling to serve children
  • Possess good moral standing.
  • Teachable and humble team players
  • Diligent in practice and open to seeking improvement through coaching from more seasoned musicians
  • Confident in relating with young children as a group and individually. Able to sing in tune and keep time. Able to engage children in praise and worship. 
  • Faithful, available and teachable


  • Commitment for minimum 1 year
  • Musicians who pass auditions will be attached to bands as understudies for at least 3 months
  • Serve once a month all the Primary sessions on Sundays
  • Attend rehearsals
  • 3-month notice required before stepping down

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